If you’ve served or are currently serving, there are opportunities for you.

With all of the financial craziness that is happening right now, why on earth would anyone buy real estate? If you’re a veteran like me, there are actually some good reasons why you might want to take advantage of the free money that you get just for serving.

Regardless of what the financial markets are doing, whether it’s bank failures, stock markets, or whatever else, owning property has serious long-term advantages. All of this news is going to be short-term. Moreover, the free money that you get for being in the military can be used to give you leverage in the housing market and increase the equity that you hold.

“Take advantage of the free money that you get just for serving or having served.”

The one thing you’ll need to keep in mind is how you are going to finance the property that you are buying. If you’re going to use a VA loan, you want to put a little bit of money down to be a buffer in case you have to sell earlier than expected. If you put nothing down and your duty station changes, you might find yourself in a negative equity position, so putting at least 3% down is a wise decision. That way, you can expect to at least break even.

You also want to use a good lender that’s local. Our preferred lender is Java Mortgage, and we can help connect you with them. It’s definitely not a time to be worrying about these bank failures. Certainly, keep your eyes on it. Don’t be ignorant of the situation, but don’t worry much about it. These things happen all the time. The key is to take advantage and move while other people are hanging back.

Remember, if you are a veteran homebuyer and have any questions about this topic or real estate in general, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs.