Here’s why you may want to consider buying a new construction home in 2021.

Why should you buy a new construction home in 2021? In the current real estate market, prices are going berzerk, there’s a lack of inventory, and it’s very difficult to find properties. So we’re seeing a huge percentage of buyers moving toward new construction because they can lock in their prices today and get a new home in six to eight months. The cost of materials is increasing, so the cost of new construction is rising, but you can lock in a price now and not have to pay the higher prices we’ll likely see months from now. 

When there’s very little inventory, new construction is always a good option because you’ll often get something nicer, newer, and get decent appreciation over time. Buying new construction also eliminates most multiple-offer situations. Additionally, you’ll get to choose all your finishes, paint colors, appliances, and customize the house the way you want it. New construction reduces some buying stress that you may have when purchasing a resale home such as multiple offers, having to get extremely creative to get your offer noticed, having to bring extra cash to the table, and many other similar scenarios. 

In 2021, new construction simplifies the buying process. Reach out to us if you want to learn more about buying new construction or have any questions. We would love to be your real estate resource.