Everything you need to know about buying a home in Cheyenne.

Today, I want to chat about how you can buy a home in Cheyenne, a decision that involves more than just picking a location; it’s about choosing a lifestyle. Cheyenne is appealing for many reasons, not least because of its proximity to both Colorado and Wyoming, offering the perfect blend of accessibility and affordability due to lower taxes.

The city’s location on two major interstates makes traveling in any direction a breeze, which is just one of the many conveniences you’ll enjoy here. When deciding on the type of home you want—be it a spacious house or a cozy condo—your budget is key. I recommend speaking with one or two banks to understand your financing options, including different types of rate buy-downs that might fit your financial plan.

“When deciding on the type of home you want—be it a spacious house or a cozy condo—your budget is key.”

Pre-qualification is your next step, and as a real estate agent, I can tell you we love clients who come prepared! If you’re struggling to find the right bank or loan originator, our team is here to help. We have connections with many local lenders familiar with Cheyenne’s unique market conditions, including specific requirements like foundation and termite inspections—which, by the way, are not commonly needed here due to our high elevation and low termite activity.

Choosing a local lender can help avoid unnecessary inspections and speed up your closing process. In Cheyenne, our goal is to move you from contract to close in 30 days or less. We have the experience and local connections to make your home-buying experience as smooth and swift as possible. Whether you’re looking for new construction or a custom-built luxury home, Cheyenne has something to offer within a reasonable price range.

If you’re curious about living in Cheyenne and want to explore your options, watch more of our videos for guidance, or better yet, reach out via call or email!