Don’t be surprised by closing costs—here are the top 20 you should know about.

Nobody likes to stumble across hidden fees. This is especially true in real estate, where buyers’ budgets are often restricted to certain amounts. To help keep you from being blindsided by unanticipated costs when buying or selling a home, here are the top 20 closing costs you need to be aware of:

  1. Application fees
  2. Credit fees
  3. Appraisal fees
  4. Attorney fees
  5. Discount points
  6. Courier fees
  7. Private mortgage insurance
  8. Flood certification fees
  9. HOA fees
  10. Origination fees
  11. Title insurance
  12. Pest inspections
  13. Prepaid interest
  14. Taxes
  15. Rate-lock fees
  16. Recurring fees
  17. Settlement fees
  18. Survey fees
  19. Transfer taxes
  20. VA funding fees

You won’t have to pay all of these fees at the same time at the closing table, though some banks encourage you to bring some money to the table so that you can defer the negative equity position these fees will put you in.

If you’d like to discuss these fees in more detail and whether or not they apply to your transaction, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to help you better understand what to expect when you buy or sell a home.