Why the state of the market can make homes much more affordable.

“If you do this, it could make your home more affordable.” Doesn’t everyone want to know what ‘this’ is? Luckily, that scenario is a very real thing in our current market, and I want to walk you through how you could be saving money. 

The market is currently a great place for buyers. There’s a lot of inventory, things are shifting from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, and the rates are still high—all of these things make negotiations very possible and often successful. Negotiations can happen with all aspects of the purchase, including price, discount points, and closing costs assistance. Working on these things with your seller will help you make your new home much more affordable. 

Interest rates are high, but many sellers are more open lately to assisting buyers by helping buy down their rate. If you are currently on the fence about entering the market, my recommendation is to act now. Don’t wait, because there are a lot of opportunities at this time; you just need a good real estate agent to help you. 

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