You’ll always get better results through patience and tolerance.

If you’ve been watching the news, you know that somebody got smacked at the Oscars this year. Today we’re going to talk about how tolerance and patience are the keys to getting better results in real estate.

It’s very frustrating and aggravating to write a lot of offers in this competitive market. Even if you’ve crafted your best deal, there’s a decent chance that it still won’t get accepted. I always tell my clients that the house they’re supposed to get will be the house they get when the time is right. You just have to continue throwing darts at the dartboard until you hit a bullseye. Endurance and tolerance will eventually get you the result you want in this intense market.

When you’re looking for homes in today’s market, having patience is more important than ever. Slow things down and ensure that you’re making logical decisions, not emotional ones. If you can learn to tolerate a situation and be patient, you’ll prevent later regret.

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