Explaining how marrying, dating, and divorcing relate to real estate

Let’s discuss marriage, dating, and divorce in the context of real estate. When you’re out there trying to find a home in this crazy market, here are three things you should remember:

1. Marry the house. What we mean by that is you’re going to find the right home, you’re going to marry it, and you’re going to love it because it’s the place you want to be. It’s amazing. And you’re going to live a great life there. Maybe someday, in three to five years, you might outgrow that house because you want to expand and move into a bigger home. Otherwise, you may be at that point where you want to downsize because of all the work that comes with a large home. Whatever you decide to do, marry that home.

2. Date the interest rate. Hopefully, in the next six months, we’ll see some changes in the rates. The good news is that you aren’t fully committed to that rate. You’re just going to date it for a little bit of time, and when the rate gets better, you’re going to say, “I just don’t think this is working out for me”. Then, you’re going to refinance that rate and lower it. That is what I mean by dating that rate.

3. Divorce that rent. If you’re renting, cut that thing off. Don’t sign any prenups, don’t date that thing (renting) anymore, and divorce yourself from that altogether. Get rid of it, get yourself a home, and get married. 

I know you’re super excited now that you’ve watched this video, and I hope that it helps. We have some very tactical strategies to help make homes more affordable. Feel free to reach out to me by giving me a call or by finding me on Google. I’d love to help!